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Why Foreign Personnel Boarding at Home

Why Foreign Personnel Boarding at Home?

Today and in our country, most women work for economic and social reasons. Our mothers and fathers, who go to work early in the morning, sometimes come home late because of the busy times, and sometimes they are boarding business trips. Boarding House staff live in our families ‘ homes and support our families especially in the early morning and evening hours.

The fact that today’s working conditions are too heavy is one of the reasons why parents who are mentally and physically tired have to spend quality time with their children and each other without thinking about the rush of home when they come home.
Boarding House staff are people who can take care of your child or baby day and night, and who can safely drop off your baby and child in case of emergency.

The work of your home is done regularly and systematically by the boarding house staff, and the staff who learn to cook over time will ease the burden of our working mothers.
Infants and children become more socialized with boarding foreign personnel and their vision develops by getting to know different people from different cultures.

They are a good friend and an older sister who can take care of your children with confidence. They can play games with them and do all their self-care, eating, bathing, activities, preparation for sleep.
Boarding House staff who do not have time problems are involved in pre-school preparation and after-school welcome for your children.

Boarding foreign home staff have the freedom to travel with our families without working in only 1 city. He can go to the holidays, summer/winter houses with you, or even come to the same city with you and live with you when you change city.