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After Your Staff Arrives Home

After Your Staff Arrives Home

1. at first, we want you to remember that a person from one end of the world is you, your children and your home you’ll be coming for it. A new member of your family will be coming to be a new part of your family.
2-people from the poorest countries in the world see things for the first time in our country will be. At first they will be confused and shy.
3-they will feel very foreign In Your Home, will hesitate to talk to you and they’ll be embarrassed. A warm and heartfelt approach will comfort them.
4-provide contact support to inform their families of their safe arrival when they arrive we may request.
5-tired and will come from a very long journey, first day rest and follow a few days jetlag a little understanding of what’s going to happen.
6-eating cultures, habits are completely different from us to remember and respect this we’d like to remind you that you need to hear it. They’ll get used to our culture in time, just a little bit.
time and help them not to starve at first.
7-for the first 1 month we patiently ask you to teach your order. Your staff can arrange your home and you can make mistakes while learning how to use your machines, first of all with tolerance for mistakes
we recommend that you correct it.
8-run your entire system in a controlled manner until your personnel know exactly.
9-your children may alienate their older sisters who come to your house at first and may not want to go to it. This the situation will be a temporary process.
Without putting pressure on your children, first at your sisters ‘ home you can wait for them to accept that you’re alive and give them some time.
10-don’t forget that your staff came to Turkey for the first time, with the city where you reside we remind you to provide road, bus information and destination
support for the relevant days of leave.
11-we recommend that you set up an order about working hours, remember that they are employees and you are required to give rest hours.
Getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening, with exceptions we recommend that you set the clocks in order.
12.we ask you to do their salaries and their work on a regular and day off.
13-when the staff first arrives their sim card will not work, SIM for convenient transportation to your staff we recommend that you receive a card and support this issue.
14-you do not have to meet the personal needs of your staff but shampoo, toothpaste etc.you can support basic care products.
15.remember that even though they are members of your family, he is also a person, especially a woman and an individual. Every monthplease do not forget that in
sensitive times, understanding, sometimes they will get into emotional emptiness.Working away from their loved ones, family, country no matter what country
they come from in the world approach people with a little empathy.
16-take into account the human factor and any health problems of your incoming staff at any time we want you to know that he can live. If your staff has any health problems
we want you to know that the support belongs to your employer families.
17-do not hesitate to talk to your staff. If you make any mistakes as your employer we consider your speech more appropriate.
Without amplifying and humiliating your conversations we’d like to add that to our suggestion.


After all, it’s all about love and respect. You can work with the new member of your family for many years when you have settled these two basic concepts with your staff and you have patiently spent time getting used to them; your family,
your children and you can accumulate many beautiful and memorable memories